Return to Sale

The Falcon (Brown) and the Butterfly

Ten years ago, when we were over here, we stopped off at Sale Common on our way back home from Hundred Mile Beach. I remember the boardwalk around the wetlands as being full of interesting wildlife – including plenty of waterbirds and a Red-bellied Black snake which refused to shift off the path and we had to go the long way round to avoid annoying it! Yesterday we indulged in a bit of nostalgia and made a return visit. Unfortunately, after the floods of last summer and the ensuing damage, the whole reserved had been closed – it was still closed! There were very few birds visible around the margins of this large wetland, between the banks of the Thomson and La Trobe rivers – most interesting was a small group of Yellow-billed Spoonbill. Meanwhile, back on the Prom, we’ve been entertained by the birds visible from the property – mostly raptors, including: Wedge-tails and White-bellied Sea-eagles, Swamp Harrier, Black-shouldered Kite and Brown Falcon. On a walk around Duck Point a couple of extra trip ticks – Caspian Tern and, ‘yes’ four waders in the form of Red-necked Stint!

Caspian Tern at Duck Point
Ancient history – Aussie-style. The swing-bridge over La Trobe river, Sale. Opened in 1883.
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