Felbrigg ‘first’

An early morning walk around Felbrigg Hall produced a few nice birds, including seven Woodcock, three Mandarin Duck – two superb males hauled up on the Alder tree stumps, and a ‘first’ for me at Felbrigg , an adult Whooper swan on the lake! A couple of snaps of the beauty:

Incidentally, for those who know this lovely place, the National Trust have just about finished doing a major piece of environmental engineering – re-routing the course of the stream, which flows into the lake, to reinstate a former wetland and water meadow. Looks very promising and a significant improvement – well done the NT!

Post Script. In an idle moment my mind turned briefly to the idea of cycling to all of the historic churches in Norfolk – it turns out that there are about 800 of them. Think I’d better get fit doing the End2End first, before I think of tackling that!

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