The day before ‘zero’

Spent the day checking and re-checking the kit – that’s Bryan for you, and reviewing the route to make sure we keep on the right road and are prepared for any of those nasty hills!

Also managed a few ‘Team photos’ in this mornings sunshine:

The current Official Team Photo…

Big Brother Bry..

…and me.

Turning our attention to packing…

Bryan’s kit, at the final stage of assembly!

…and mine. I always was a tidy little packer – I put it down to my police training!

Managed to get out  for a brief ride after lunch  – a 17.5k circuit from ‘base camp’, including the locally notorious Carrot Hill – it rained or hailed most of the way! An example of the stats we hope to produce for each days ride it given below…we’re working on the ‘technicals’!

Tomorrows ‘Day Zero’ adventures begin with an early morning drive to Perth station to catch the 08.04, which eventually gets us to Wick seven hours later! We’ve then got a steady ride to John O’Groats, a distance of 18 miles.
We should be able to manage that at least. More blogging tomorrow – assuming we make it to John O”Groats that is!
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2 comments on “The day before ‘zero’

  1. Alex Pattison says:

    Looking good chaps, even of it was bit chilly for shorts today! I hope the north wind keeps blowing for you for the next three weeks… best wishes for your Big Adventure.
    Hills? Will there be hills?

  2. Kate Latham says:

    Woo hoo – loving the team kit! Notice no books, towels or pretty shoes in case you go to a nice pub in the packing list – just me on that one then! Have a good trip to JOG. Looking forward to more soon. K xx

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