Monarchs of the Glen

Good morning readers. Woke up  this morning with body and soul still intact – which is a bonus! Today’s route takes us along the Great Glen – virtually from  coast to coast, in a matter of only fifty miles. What a small country Scotland is! The scenery should be spectacular but,unfortunately we’re on the busy A road, so little time to take it in. Our plan is to do several short, concentrated bursts with ‘touristy’ gaps in between. We’ll see if the plan works out AND the legs hold up!

Our route for the day is shown below:

It’s amazing to me how a route of only 50 miles, from sea level to sea level, following the course of Loch Ness can climb so much! A question I’ve raised with the Course Director, with very little by way of a sympathetic response. I’m beginning to be concerned…..I may blog later – much later!

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5 comments on “Monarchs of the Glen

  1. Delia says:

    I am REAlly enjoying reading these – well done indeed on all counts.

  2. Helen Dawson says:

    A few years ago I overnighted at Letterfinlay Hotel on the banks of Loch Lochy, close to Spean B. A hotel with a characterful owner and, as I recall, amazing chips for dinner and a mammoth smoked salmon & scrambled egg breakfast! The owner made special concession for our bikes too… though they were on the roof of our car. There is a moving war memorial near Fort W but at the end of your cycling day you may feel less inclined to climb the hill for a closer look. Enjoy. H

  3. Debs says:

    Trevor – the route seems very hilly (and it’s only day 3) – you are going to have calves like Chris Hoy!!

    • Yvonne T says:

      Trevor and Bryan – very pleased to see you both in one piece. So far so good! My favourite bird name to date – a godwit, which I have adopted as a more elegant alternative to a similar phrase I’ve been known to use!

  4. Maureen Bancroft says:

    Trevor – I am impressed – I know these hills (by car) and have often thought they would seem steeper on a bike. It looks as though the weather is being kind so far, hope I have not spoken too soon, it can change very quickly. My first trip to Scotland was to Roybridge which I assume you will pass through, got very drunk there (one of very few occasions) at Braes Bar, probably not there now as it was 35 years ago. I am watching your blog with great interest and admiration! So much more to you than reviewing the bid I see! Regards Maureen

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