T’ree soft days…and now sun!

It had to happen, on our last day in Ireland the sun has finally put in an appearance! Following an average but expensive evening meal and the disappointment of the ‘Irish’ band, which we’d been led to believe would be playing a medley of traditional music but which turned out to be a mixture of ‘songs from the shows’, country & western and Karaoke, we retired for an early night. However, as on so many previous occasions, the slowness of the internet meant it was gone ten before we turned in. The drunken Welsh golfers, returning from a late session in the bar, woke Bry but I slept soundly on. Anyway enough of the trivia I hear you say, what’s on todays ‘bill of fare’? The answer, a relatively moderate undulating route of around 85k to the ferry terminal at Rosslare, via Wexford (though wether we’ll get to see the Slobs, I’m not sure!). The route is given below:

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  1. Thanks for ssharing

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