Lean, mean fighting machine

Every morning it’s the same, I wake up expecting to have been transformed by this E2E process into a lean, mean fighting machine – eating up ever-increasing daily mileage, sailing up hills, my bodys intake in perfect harmony with it’s out-goings, skin and muscle toned to perfection. And every morning is the same sense of disappointment! The truth is that my legs, particularly my thighs, ache as much if not more than on our second day, my skin in cracking whereever it’s exposed to fresh air (and there’s been plenty of that), those tiny bites I reported over a week ago have multiplied and each is the size of a 5p piece and I swear I’m putting on weight, despite Bry saying we’re definitely into a ‘fat burning’ regime. If I have lost any weight at all it’s off my frontal lobe! Speaking of Bry he appears to be in remarkably good form – though does say occasionally that his fight is a mental one – ‘wrestling with daemons’ as he describes it. Anyway, with just one week to go,  I’m going to have to rely on that old adage ‘if it’s not hurting it’s not working’ – well it’s bloody hurting, so it’d better start working!

Off to catch a boat….

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