Blimey…Bodmin bro!

Amazingly todays mammoth stage, both in terms of distance and height gain, takes us to Bodmin – into Kernow and hopefully within striking distance of our goal! Yesterdays stage was tough, particularly since we tacked on an extra 12 k and a couple of hills, and it’s left both of us feeling tired and a bit sore – not a promising prospect for the ride ahead. We’re following our normal routine and we just take it as it comes – one mile at a time. Route for today is given below:

Follow Bry’s tweets for the days events – @bryanwilliams66

A blog of some sort, internet and physical fatigue  permitting, later tonight

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2 comments on “Blimey…Bodmin bro!

  1. Helen Dawson says:

    Guys! The end is in sight – never doubted you would do it (though seriously considered whether you had lost your marbles). Thanks for the entertaining blog and the splendid photos. As I have got used to reading it to wind down at the end of the day, please would you consider continuing cycling and daily blogging after Lands End? Helen

  2. Yvonne T says:

    there is a very nice pub in holsworthy…

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