Go Wiggo go…!

Having missed out on the Olympic Road Race – I did my first cycle ride to the historic churches of Norfolk (HCoN) instead, we  decided to catch up on some ‘live’ Olympic action by going to the men’s and women’s time trials at Hampton Court. Not having tickets for the start/finish – well there’s a surprise, we had to find a decent spot along the route. The men’s course, being longer than the women’s, had extra bits added at the start and finish, so figured that the closest place to see the combined finishing sections would be Kingston bridge. We set off early from Peterborough to secure our place – well not as early as we had planned and as a consequence missed our booked train! Two new (full price!) tickets later and we were on our way. We arrived in Kingston about half past ten, two hours before the start of the women’s race and nearly three before they were due to arrive. The town centre was already busy but we managed to secure a good spot, on the bend, at the beginning of Kingston Bridge. By the time my brother and his family joined us we were three deep at the barriers and the pre-race atmosphere was beginning to build, aided through the afternoon by a steady supply of ‘bubbly’ – thanks Stig & Kate! The women’s race was a great prelude to the men’s event, where we realistically  had our best medal chances. In the event Emma Pooley came 6th and Lizzy Armitstead came 9th – Well done girls! The race was won by Kristin Armstrong USA, second was Judith Arndt, Germany and third, the Russian girl Olga Zabelinskaya.

Lizzy Armitstead  – 9th place

Emma Pooley – 6th place

In the men’s race hopes were high for a medal, after Bradley Wiggins’ success in Le Tour and after the crushing disappointment of Mark Cavendish, in the Road Race. In the event, we were not to be denied..Wiggo was ‘on fire’ and got gold, with only Tony Martin, Germany, separating Brad from bronze medal winner Chris Froome. What a day for British cycling…!

Go Wiggo go…..!

In second place, Tony Martin, Germany

….and in bronze position, second in the Tour de France, Chris Froome

Well done Team GB…just brilliant!

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One comment on “Go Wiggo go…!

  1. Wow, you did well with those pics! I must have been standing quite near to you for the womens race, but my pics were rubbish! We moved for the men’s race and I caught a brief glimpse of Wiggo’s helmet! Thoroughly enjoyed it all the same.

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