Roller coaster day….

No sooner had we got back from seeing Pacific Swift in Suffolk – a ‘Lifer’ in case you were wondering, than a tentative report of a Roller, five miles down the road, came over the airwaves! Tea was put on hold and we headed in the Holt direction, to the Lowes nature reserve. First news was that the bird had disappeared, in a southerly direction, possibly to where it had first been located. We hung about on the ridge waiting for news until a group to the east of us started gesticulating – we rapidly relocated to where the bird was showing well, if a little distant, in a birch tree. We watched it for about half an hour, feeding and flying from tree to tree, before heading back for a late tea.

The bird….

DSC03104 DSC03099 DSC03102

A Norfolk ‘tick’ and a truly fabulous end to a very special ‘Fathers Day’ (thanks Matt!)




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One comment on “Roller coaster day….

  1. Daniella says:

    And hopefully you didn’t need to climb a ladder!!!!!

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