Not one Two-barred but two!

Having seen the male Two-barred Crossbill at Cley over the weekend we thought we’d better go and find Common Crossbill for the year list! We’d just got to the level crossing on Kelling Heath when we heard and saw a couple of Crossbill fly from the pine belt, by the cottage, away over the heath. A couple of birders then informed us that there’d been a juvenile Two-barred in the area since this morning and that could have been it flying away! We hung around for a bit and then a group of about eight Common Crossbill arrived. Careful scanning revealed that the TBCB was not amongst them. We then had a stroll over the heath to see if we could relocate the flock, but again no luck. Standing back at the original site, talking to a local photographer, I noticed a bird fly into the nearby pines – a quick look and ‘yes’ it was the juvenile Two-barred Crossbill! As it sat, high in the pine tree, it gave a very distinctive ‘toy trumpet-like’ call. It flew to nearby power lines and was watched, somewhat in silhouette, for a further five minutes before flying back towards the pine belt. On reaching the pines, there were four Common Crossbill sat out but no sign of the Two-barred – finally the flock departed and there were five birds present, so I guess our bird was somewhere amongst them! Very nice to catch up with another of the current influx and manage a quick ‘grab shot’ or two.




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