More Historic Churches – route 7

On Wednesday, with a favourable forecast of sunshine and a modest breeze, I decided to do some more historic churches, concentrating on a cluster west of North Walsham, to the coast, and north of Stalham – based on a circular route of about 40 miles. On my return journey I took the opportunity to ‘tick off’ a church I’d missed on an earlier ride – in total I cycled 85km and visited 18 churches.

The Route


The Churches

St Peter & St Paul Knapton, All Saints Mundesley, St Margaret Paston, All Saints Edingthorpe, St Andrew Bacton, St Margaret Witton by Walsham, All Saints Crostwight, St Peter Ridlington, All Saints Walcott, St Mary Happisburgh, St Andrew Hempstead, All Saints Lessingham, St Mary East Ruston, St Peter Brunstead, St Nicholas Dilham, St Peter & St Paul Honing, St Nicholas North Walsham and, missing from Route 1, St Margaret Thorpe Market.

The Photos 

St Peter & St Paul, Knapton

St Peter & St Paul Knapton

Detail of the roof with elaborate fluttering angel supports


All Saints, Mundesley, in the heart of ‘Poppy Land’

All Saints Mundesley

The gallery at the west end


St Margaret, Paston


In the chancel, several tombs of the Paston family – who live on through the extensive collection of their letters


Never one to ignore a birding moment – these Whooper Swans, depicted in one of the stained glass windows


All Saints, Edingthorpe, with it’s unusual saxon round tower topped with a medieval hexagonal addition

All Saints Edingthorpe

Inside, extensive 14th century wall paintings


St Andrew, Bacton

St Andrew Bacton

And an unusual grave stone – rather Arts and Crafts looking I thought


St Margaret, Witton by Walsham

St Margarets Witton by Walsham

All Saints, Crostwight, with it’s unusual tiled tower roof  – tucked away down a grass track

All Saints Crostwight

St Peter, Ridlington

St Peter Ridlington 2

Inside, an interesting fragment of medieval? glass

St Peter Ridlington

All Saints Walcott


St Mary, Happisbugh, a huge church perched on the cliff edge


The light and spacious interior, decorated for a wedding I assume

St Mary Happisburgh

St Andrew, Hempstead, undergoing extensive renovation to the chancel

St Andrew Hempstead

Detail of a gargoyle water spout

St Andrew Hempstead 2

All Saints, Lessingham – a  lovely wildflower haven


St Mary, East Ruston

St Mary East Rushton

A delightful rood screen – the entrance to the chancel guarded by two carved lions

St Mary East Rushton 2

St Peter, Brunstead


St Nicholas, Dilham – re-built in the 1930’s, with little of real interest, except perhaps it’s isolated location

St Nicholas Dilham

St Peter and St Paul, Honing

St Peter & St Paul Honing 2

Interior of St Nicholas, North Walsham – the exterior is currently covered in scaffolding!


Finally, missed during my very first Norfolk churches cycle tour – St Margaret of Antioch, Thorpe Market

St Margaret of Antioch

5 comments on “More Historic Churches – route 7

  1. Neil and Eunice says:

    Looks like it was a glorious day Trev – in more ways than one! x

  2. TrevorOnTour says:

    Hey Guys… you’re meant to be ‘up country’ enjoying the birds, not reading my stuffy old blog! T

    • Neil and Eunice says:

      We’ve got 1.5 weeks to tie up all the lose ends and have a breather after the most amazing 3 weeks of parties, meals out and goodbyes! Not long til we are on our way! x

  3. norfolkpilgrim says:

    Reblogged this on East Anglian Pilgrimage Network and commented:
    Great work by Trevor on Tour

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    Reblogged this on East Anglian Pilgrim Network site thanks

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