No Holds Barred


Barred Warbler, Gramborough Hill, 17th September 2014 

You’re lucky to get good views of Barred Warbler. Usually all you get are fleeting views of a variety of body-parts, as this scarce eastern autumn migrant creeps through the brambles. The bird today at Gramborough Hill was something of an exception. If it hadn’t have been for the leaden grey skies and persistent gentle misting sea fret, the views would have been pretty exceptional! A typically plain looking juvenile bird which did show some pale feather fringing to the coverts, tertials and primaries and was quite strongly barred on the under-tail with a marked two-tone pink and grey bill. It’s been years since I saw one as well as this.

Some more photos of this obliging bird:

Now this is the sort of view that would typically be classed as ‘showing well’


But this is more like it..

IMG_7497 IMG_7527IMG_7577

Finally, a nice shot of the under tail barring


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