It all Adders up

Spent yesterday afternoon on a north Norfolk Heath. Having visited on three previous occasions this year without success, I was delighted to find a pair of Dartford Warbler, nest building. Not unusually, they were in the company of a male Stonechat. A little further along the track were a pair of Woodlark. Across the road, at the base of a sunny bank, we were treated to a mesmerising display of basking Adders. The milky cast to their eyes being an indication, apparently, that they are about to slough their skins.


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2 comments on “It all Adders up

  1. Mark Rowley says:

    Hi Trevor

    Lucky to see Adders, especially so early in the year. Nearly 40 years since I’ve seen one in the wild.

    Best wishes


  2. TrevorOnTour says:

    Hi Mark, good to hear from you. You must come and see us this summer. Regards Trevor

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