Day 10 – more border birding


Red-billed Pigeon – really a Mexican bird but seen from the US side of the Rio Grande

We’re currently heading west along the Rio Grande, stopping off at the few places where you can actually get to the river. The reason for doing so is that there are some birds which barely have a foot-hold in the USA – along the banks of the river and some which are basically Mexican birds but seen from American soil. They all count. Our list increased by ten today – made up of a few of those special birds and more regular stuff that we’ve previously not connect with. Tomorrow we head for the hill country of West Texas.

Another reasonably local speciality – Vermilion Flycatcher


Varied Bunting, another South Texas species (photo courtesy of Jake)

IMG_6568 2

And for the non-birding followers of this blog – a photo of Jane and Jake at the Roma Bluffs over-view, with Mexico and one of the few official crossing points in the background. They’re actually watching for Groove-billed Ani..


A cultural experience not to be missed (or possibly repeated!) this evening, Jake and I tried what we thought was a local Mexican beer. Well it was, only with several added ingredients including tomato, salt, lime & spices. Tasted more like fermented gazpacho – interesting! 


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