Day 29 – The Rim, Route 66 & Hoover Dam



Bird of the Day – Clark’s Nutcracker, South Rim, Grand Canyon

Most of today was spent on touristy things. An early morning walk along the south rim of  The Grand Canyon, then the drive to Las Vegas, via a section of Route 66 (the whole route goes from Santa Monica to Chicago) and the Hoover Dam. We’ve also crossed the State line into Nevada from Arizona, making this our fourth State of the trip. Bird of the day was Clark’s Nutcracker.

An early morning walk along the South Rim – we missed the sunrise by a good hour!


Hackberry General Stores & Gas Station – Route 66


The Hoover Dam, constructed across the Colorado River, in Black Canyon, 1931 – 36, is situated at the border between Arizona and Nevada. The construction employed thousands of workers during the Great Depression and cost the lives of over a hundred. The dams construction was overseen by chief design engineer John L Savage and incorporates many Art Deco features


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3 comments on “Day 29 – The Rim, Route 66 & Hoover Dam

  1. Martin Coates says:

    A bird new to science eh! Must be the ‘American dream’ effect..
    Nice bird and enjoy the bright lights of LV to come.

  2. TrevorOnTour says:

    Deliberately set that trap to see if you were still reading the blog – well-done! Off to one of LV’s real hot-spots this morning – the poo ponds!

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