Day 41 – Birding Point Reyes


Nuttall’s Woodpecker – largely confined to west California. An America tick for me

Before we started this trip our research suggested that Point Reyes would be a high point. Situated on the Pacific coast, 30 miles north-west of San Fransisco, the Point Reyes Peninsula is bounded by Tomales Bay to the north-east and by Bolinas Lagoon on the south-east side. This strategic location, combined with a variety of habitats, means that the species count for the region is approaching an incredible 500. We’d originally planned to spend a couple of days birding the area but by lunch today, admittedly not helped by the weather which was a steady light drizzle and mist, it was apparent that the birds just weren’t around.  Things did improve in the afternoon when first we managed to find a lone Oldsquaw (Long-tailed Duck) at Abbott’s Lagoon and then, at Bolinas, a young Bald Eagle and a Nuttall’s Woodpecker – the latter an American tick.

A young Bald Eagle – only the second of the entire trip. Record shot


Another good bird for the day was Band-tailed Pigeon, which we’ve only just started seeing


The beach below the light-house on Point Reyes is a traditional breeding location for Elephant Seal. Here, looking down the ‘business-end’ of a female


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