Logrunner – does what it says on the can

Record shot of Australian Logrunner – near Buladelah. A Hunter tick!

We were up again at 4.00am for an early start in the rainforest. The first couple of sites produced some interesting birds but not the elusive ‘Hunter tick’ we were hoping for. Eventually, after a walk through ‘leech country’, near Buladelah – I picked up three in my sandals! – we struck gold. The well-named Australian Logrunner was running around on a mossy log in the dark depths of the forest. We eventually saw a couple of birds well, but photographing them at 1/5th second not surprisingly produced record shots only. Our second prize came in the form of Varied Triller. This is a species we’ve seen well before in Queensland but here, at Mungo Brush, it is approaching it’s southern limits. We saw three birds – probably a pair with a youngster in tow. On the way home a Square-tailed Kite obligingly drifted across the Pacific Highway – my third Hunter tick of the day – bringing my tally to a dozen for the trip so far!

Varied Triller – grab shot
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