The early birder catches… the target species

Orange-headed Thrush – one of this mornings target species. Record shot taken in near darkness

An early start this morning meant we were in position for our two target birds before sunrise. Given that we were also birding in dense cover, it was very difficult to differentiate the birds from any number of bird-shaped objects! Occasionally they moved – which made things a little easier. Fortunately it wasn’t long before there was enough light to just make out the colours. Pretty soon the whole group had Indian Pita and Orange-headed Thrush ‘under our belts’. The rest of the morning was spent wandering around the slopes of the ancient rock fortress which dominates the landscape and history of this place. Several more endemics were added to the list, including: Crimson-backed Flameback, Brown-capped Babbler and Black-capped Bulbul – confusing isn’t it!

Crimson-backed Flameback with diagnostic pale bill – an endemic
Brown-headed Barbet – common and noisy, but still difficult to see well
Not unlike our own – Indian Cuckoo
White-rumped Sharma – took some finding
Green Warbler – had a touch of home about it
Another of our early morning targets, taken in the half-light – Brown-capped Babbler, another endemic

Our afternoon session begins shortly with another go for night birds later.

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