Day 1 – Hounslow to Fort Pierce

The only parakeet we saw today was Rose-ringed – on our way to Hounslow tube!

Day 1 of our new Great American Birding RoAd Trip – henceforth referred to as GABRaT ll. Arriving at our Fort Pierce hotel at gone 10.00pm (with a 5 hour time difference) the only birding we did today was as we taxied to our stand at Orlando International Airport. Species included: White Ibis, Eastern Meadowlark and Double-crested Cormorant. The only parakeet we managed to see was a Rose-ringed, on our way from our Travelodge to Hounslow tube! We start birding in earnest tomorrow.

An added bonus (and the likely cause of flight delays in and out of Dublin) was to see ‘Air Force 1’ parked up on the runway
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