Day 28 – a travelling day

Our group arrives at Niagara Falls – the end of the Canadian leg of our GABRaT ll adventure

Yesterday was a travelling day – we drove east from our Point Pelee base to Niagara Falls, on the Canadian / US border. Three short stops helped break up the journey and allowed time for some birding. The first was Hillman Marsh, an excellent wetland close to the shore of Lake Erie. A nice selection of stuff along the 5k trail and an over-head Peregrine meant that it wasn’t a ‘dot day’. The second stop was different, an area of agricultural prairie at McArthur Road, where we tracked down Bobolink – not new for us but a Canadian tick and a trip tick for the rest of the group. No birding trip would be complete without a visit to a sewage works – well actually on this occasion a decommissioned one at Strath Roy – produced another nice selection of birds, including a trip tick – Ring-necked Duck and another scarce Canadian tick – Black-necked Stilt. Our GABRaT ll list is now comfortably over 250, as we head back into America and the final leg of our journey around New England. Today is another travelling day to Albany, where we drop off Phil & Carolyn for their flight home. The pressure is on to see a new species and continue our unbroken record – we’ll see.

A Peregrine scatters the waders at Hillman Marsh – but prevents it being a ‘dot day’
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