Just realised that we need an early start tomorrow – ferry to catch and all that, so here’s the route. It’s in two sections, before and after the ferry crossing:

In summary, the route is approx. 61 miles with close on 600m of climbing. Lets hope that todays form lasts – because it doesn’t look like the weather’s going to!

Follow @bryanwillams66 to see how we get on….

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2 comments on “Epilogue

  1. Alex Pattison says:

    Ah, nice one: I see you’re missing most of the horrors of the road down Loch Lomond. Are Bryan’s gears behaving?

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Alex. Yep, we escaped the worst of the Loch Lomond road but copped it all again on the road between Gourock and Ardrossan. So far, gears have been behaving. Thanks for following us!

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