Ringed birds in Spain

Last week, during our visit to Andalucia, we spent some time looking at gulls, terns and waders around the Guadalquivir estuary. In just half a day we found six ringed birds, originating from various European countries.

First up, a Black-headed Gull – ringed in the Czech Republic – click here for details

Next, a Kentish Plover ringed at Marker Wadden, Holland, in May 2020

A Redshank ringed in Kragero, Norway in August – it travelled 2,700k in a month

Sanderling – no detail received yet (Post-script – ringed on Sanday, Orkney, Scotland – but no further details available)

A Lesser-Black-backed Gull – also of Norwegian origin

And finally, those orange-billed terns! Soon after arriving at La Jana beach I picked out a bird of Sandwich Tern size, with a long, slightly drooping, orange bill – surely an Elegant Tern. We watched it for half an hour, moving from on spot to another – along with a hundred Sandwich, several winter Common and a couple of Caspian Tern. Only when I was looking through the photos that evening did I realise that there must have been two Elegant Tern in the flock – one ringed – the other not! From my blog back in September 2013 – “The male was first ringed in Marismas del Odiel, Huelva (SW Spain) on 8 October 2002 as a Lesser Crested Tern, but when it was re-trapped in 2006, it’s  identity was questioned, DNA was taken and the identity awaits confirmation – though is leaning towards Elegant.” If the ringed bird in my photo was this original bird, it is now two decades old at least!

The second, un-ringed bird.

Any observations or comments on these birds welcome.

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  1. […] the course of the day we found six different colour-ringed birds. For a fuller report and photos clink this link. This morning I received more details of the Black-headed Gull – Z89C. It had been ringed near […]

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