Return of an old friend….

On Saturday I had a fleeting view of an old friend, as they chased a moth across the drive, in front of our house. Yesterday we had a better view and this morning, not one, not two but an incredible THREE! Ever since we’ve lived here we’ve been priviledged to have a pair of Spotted Flycatcher breeding in or around our garden. They usual arrive in the first week of May, have two broods and are gone by late August. We’d nearly given up hope this year – partly because it’s nearly the end of May but also the number of reports of this species, arriving in Britain this year, have been few and far between. Anyway they’re back and I hope they settle down to another successful breeding season:



Post Script: 1st June, a thousand Spotted Flycatchers were reported today at Portland, in Dorset – so that’s where they all were!

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One comment on “Return of an old friend….

  1. Eunice Parker says:

    How wonderful! We had Spot Fly in Mum’s garden every year when I lived at home but they have not been there for many, many years. We are really pleased both for you AND the flycatchers! xx

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