Day 21 – Green Bottom to Big Island

Yellow Warbler – what’s not to like about birding in America!

We’ve driven another couple of hundred miles north, out of West Virginia and into Ohio – birding as we go. We’re now three weeks in to our GABRaT ll adventure and having seen over 200 species, we expect any time soon to be a ‘dot day’ – when we don’t add a new bird to our trip list. It didn’t happen yesterday though, when we started birding at Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area and finished at Big Island Wildlife Area. In fact we saw half a dozen new birds including: Yellow Warbler, White-crowned Sparrow, House Wren, Trumpeter Swan, Redhead and Hooded Merganser, got second helpings of Sandhill Crane and added a hat full of State ticks. Today, despite last minute flight cancellations, we hope to be united with Neil & Nicola and Phil & Carolyn – the rest of our extended party. Tomorrow is the start of the Biggest Week in American Birding and we’re hoping it lives up to its name!

Sparrows galore – this White-crowned was new for the trip
Big Island WA under leaden skies. Temperatures never got into double figures (centigrade) but the birding made up for it
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