Day 22 – pre-TBWinAB

Programme picked up in the near-by McDonalds

So we’ve finally made it – we’re together as a group and ‘camped-out’ on the doorstep of The Biggest Week in American Birding. Yesterday we travelled the final leg north to our base located between Oak Harbour and Port Clinton – a five bedroom (just) house, set in rural Ohio countryside. Neil & Nicola and Phil & Carolyn finally arrived at just after eight, when we had our first group meal together. We did manage to do some birding before hand – stopping off at the excellent Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area. Here we saw more waterbirds – ducks, waders and cranes – adding a few ticks to the overall trip list and plenty to our Ohio State list. Good views of woodpeckers, another excellent Sparrow – this time Field – and, best of all, whilst looking at a winter owl roost (more out of hope than expectation) an American Bittern! This morning we’re going to Magee Marsh and TBWAB.

American Bittern dropped in whilst we were looking for ‘wintering owls’ – we didn’t find any!
Field Sparrow – a lovely addition to the list
American White Pelican – the biggest surprise of the day – seen from our accommodation
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