Day 23 – Magee Marsh magic

We saw a dozen different warblers during our two sessions along the board-walk – this is Black-throated Blue

We’d had breakfast, parked up and were at the start of the Magee Marsh WA board walk – the epi-centre of The Biggest Week in American Birding – by 08.00. Our first walk lasted three hours. we then took a long lunch-break, returning at three for another session. During the course of the day we saw over forty species, including a dozen ‘warblers’, and a host of other interesting birds. The board-walk was very busy but never crowded (unless a really good bird was discovered) and everyone was friendly, helpful and united in a love of birds and the marvel of migration. Magee Marsh is situated on the shores of Lake Erie – actually an inland sea – a natural collecting point for migrants before they make the crossing over water to Canada and their breeding grounds. I don’t suppose we walked more than a couple of miles during the whole day. It’s a magic place and we were lucky that finally the weather improved and the ‘door to migration’ opened. Today we’re hoping for more.

Blue-winged Warbler – one of the ‘must get’ warblers
Other species included Grosbeak – this is Scarlet-breasted – flycatchers, and a selection of other migrants and residents
There were several Hermit Thrush – like a miniature version of our Song Thrush
This Eastern Screech Owl was quietly sunning itself – watched by a procession of admirers
Our most difficult challenge was to see this incredibly cryptic American Woodcock – record shot only
But it was the warblers which really stole the show – this Blackburnian, in full breeding plumage, never came really close
Unlike the dozens of Palm Warbler – which often came too close!
Early morning on the Magee Marsh board-walk
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