Day 24 – Birding Erie’s shoreline

Best bird of the Magee Marsh morning session were a couple of Eastern Whip-poor-will – watch out for a better shot from Neil!

As part to TBWAB visitors are encouraged to explore a cluster of good birding sites close to Black Swamp / Magee Marsh – yesterday we did just that. We began the day on the boardwalk – being a Saturday it was busier than ever but everyone remained friendly and helpful. We added a couple more birds to our growing list for the site before heading off to discover the delights of several near-by locations. First up was newly created Howard Marsh – a farmland restoration project and now an excellent wetland. Here we caught up with the visiting Yellow-headed Blackbird, which conveniently was on the grass right where we parked the cars! A walk around the reserve added several shore birds including Black-necked Stilt, which have recently started to breed. Another great car-park tick was Horned Lark. Next was Metzger Marsh and more ‘coastal’ species before our last stop – the vast Ottawa National Wildlife Area – where we managed to get our first cup of coffee of the day, see a few interesting birds and add more ticks to our Ohio State list. Then it was back to Magee Marsh for one last circuit of the boardwalk and then home for supper.

Best warbler of the day – though not one to win a beauty pageant – was this Orange-crowned.
First of our ‘car-park birds’ at Howard Marsh – Yellow-headed Blackbird. A scarce bird in this part of Ohio
Better known to us as Shore Lark – this Horned Lark was also in the car-park
Back at Magee Marsh more tantalising views of the small thrushes – this one is Veery – less spotty than Hermit
It’s easy to become complacent with some of the commoner species – but this Yellow Warbler is still a stunner
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