Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park – an important sanctuary for the threatened Indian Elephant

Bundala is an internationally important wintering ground for waterbirds and a sanctuary for Indian Elephant. Another early start was needed to ensure we were at the gates to the park when they opened and had plenty of time to walk & bird the approach track. The birding in the first couple of hours after dawn was fantastic and the jeep safari didn’t disappoint. We had a whole host of interesting waterbirds, including three species of Bittern and a dozen wader species. The Golden Jackal was a bonus. I’ll let a few photos tell the story.

Marsh Sandpiper – one of a dozen new waders
We saw three bittern species in the first hour – this one is Yellow Bittern. Black and Cinnamon were the others.
Painted Stork
Caspian Tern takes the plunge
Great Thick-knee taking shade
And to finish – that Golden Jackal
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