Two birds and a church

This afternoon, in an effort to boost the ‘year list’, we decided  to attempt to track down the Waxwing flock that has been seen around  Ferry Meadows, the country park in the heart of Peterborough. There’d also been reports of Hawfinch in a village, just over the border in Northamptonshire, so we set off in eager anticipation. Close to the village of Blatherwycke, on the busy A43, I saw some familiar shaped birds in road-side bushes as we flashed by. A quick three point turn and we were parked up on the verge watching and hearing a delightful flock of 22 Waxwing – no need to go to FM now! After enjoying the spectacle for a while we carried on into the village and made our way to the church yard. Not much doing, until three Hawfinch flew into the top of a nearby tree. Unfortunately they departed as quickly as they had arrived! On the journey home, I couldn’t resist a quick shot of Fotheringhay church in the late afternoon sun.

Two, of the flock of 22 Waxwing on the A43


A poor record shot of Hawfinch, in flight


…but a nicer view of Fotheringhay church in the late afternoon sun.


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