Waxwing Lyrical

Yesterday, before departing for Norfolk, we stopped by in Werrington to see if the large flock of Waxwing, reported on Wednesday, were still about. You may think that having found a flock of these ‘winter jewels’ earlier in the week that we would be content, but oh no – such is the lure of these beautiful and engaging birds! Anyway, we did find about a dozen birds, feeding briefly on apples in someones front garden and I managed to get a couple of record shots.

We then set off for lunch and a walk at Titchwell. The drive over was fabulous, the roads were quiet, crystal clear air and scenery stunning – with every bush and tree encrusted with thick hoar frost. In roadside bushes, just outside Kings Lynn, I spotted two more Waxwing and, managing to avoid the passing lorries, take some photos.

Lunch at Titchwell was it’s usual high standard (for birders that is!) – soup & rolls and pasty & beans, then an hour or so of excellent mid-winter birding. The lagoons were frozen, so we headed straight for the beach, picking up Water Rail, Brambling and Lapland Bunting on the way. The sea was rather quiet with Red-breasted Merganser and Red-throated Diver being the main interest. Further along the coast at Stiffkey, on the salt marsh, we added Merlin. All in all, a pretty good day.

Waxwings at Werrington, feeding on apples


and another, in road-side bushes near King’s Lynn


Brambling, at the Titchwell feeding station


Arty Mute Swan picture


A very obliging Water Rail


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