Felbrigg freeze-up






Birding at Felbrigg, during this weekend’s freeze-up, has been pretty good. Surprisingly perhaps the Bittern, first found at New Year, has hung around – I saw it again this morning fly into the reed bed from the surrounding marshy woodland. There has been a superb male Goosander on the near frozen lake, both Barn and Little Owl, Marsh Tit, up to five Water Rail, Whooper Swan, Green Sandpiper, Snipe and several Woodcock, as well as the commoner stuff.

Felbrigg House, in the snow



The ‘resident’ Whooper Swan



and now in ‘close-up’



One of up to five Water Rail feeding around the unfrozen margins of the lake



On our way home we stopped off at Deeping High Bank to look for swans but the fog was too thick. This Short-eared Owl was a bonus though


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2 comments on “Felbrigg freeze-up

  1. Debs Eden says:

    I recognise that swan !

  2. Katimum says:

    Thanks for this blog – the Whooper was still there yesterday, but its head was so tucked down under its wings that I wanted to check that it wasn’t a Berwick – I’m bad at judging size at a distance.

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