Herons, Storks & Cranes

With the monsoon season in India being late this year there were still plenty of wetlands around Delhi for us to bird – including in the national parks of Ranthambhore, Bharatpur and Sultanpur. But we found herons, storks and cranes in other areas as well. Here is just a selection.

Painted Stork were a feature of the trip – seen at most sites and in the skies above us as we travelled – spectacular birds
Purple Heron were relatively common in the wetter areas – I counted 19 at one stop in Bharatpur
As were Cattle Egret – here’s one making friends with a Nilgai
Other stork species included Woolly-necked – seen in one’s and two’s at a number of locations
Along with Asian Open-bills
And perhaps my favourite – Black-necked Stork. Actually green and purple in the right light!
Intermediate Egret can take some sorting out..
..but when seen with Great Egret the size difference is readily apparent – as in this record shot
Black-crown Night Heron are generally crepuscular but this adult was out in the mid-day sun – like us Britishers!
Grey Heron remained a note-worthy species on our trip. Here seen with Great Thick-knee on the Chambal River – featured in a future blog!

But the winner in this category has to go to Sarus Crane. Seen first, with tantalising views, from the train, then breeding in Bharatpur (3 pairs) and finally in open agricultural country from the canal bank. Stunning birds..

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