Tiger tales

Our first Tiger in Ranthambhore – also our last!

We’ve just returned from a two week – two centre trip – to India. After a couple of nights in Delhi acclimatising to our new surroundings, the weather and wildlife we travelled by train to Ranthambhore national park, with the primary objective of seeing Bengal Tiger. We were lucky enough to see a young pregnant female on our first safari – not so lucky for the remaining six safaris, when we only saw fresh tracks and heard alarm calls! Still, we did see a good variety of other animals – including Sloth Bear – snakes, and plenty of birds. Here is a taste of things to come!

Are you sure we’ve got all the cases? – our first experience of Indian railways!
In search of Bengal Tiger
Only 20% of the park is open to visitors. The public section is divided up into ten separate game drives – each drive is around 12k – 17k long. There are thought to be 80 tigers in total in the whole park – that’s less than two per safari. The odds of seeing one are pretty low!

Post Script: We subsequently learned that our tigeress had produced two healthy cubs!

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