…and on the 7th day

It seems difficult to believe that we’ve been at this malarky for a whole week! During which time we’ve covered 580ks and ridden from the north east tip to half way down the west coast of Scotland. Today sees us cover the majority of the remaining distance to the ferry terminal at Cairnryan, details below. Perhaps the most surprising thing however  is the weather – touch wood (Bryan, stop reaching for your leg!) we haven’t seen a drop of rain, we’ve had plenty of sunshine and the wind has been on our backs most of the way – so thank you Sue Titman for your good luck charm!. We’ve had close on a thousand hits on the blog and our sponsorship has risen to over £1900 – so thank you all. Keep reading, keep giving and spread the word – mention our ride to three new people this weekend!

Better go now, breakfast and another 100k is calling…

Visit: http://www.justgiving.com/teams/justice

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2 comments on “…and on the 7th day

  1. Débs says:

    You are officially professional cyclists!

  2. lisa kerr says:

    There is definitely more in you than you think (and less in the clouds!) x

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