It’s a dreich day..!

Woke this morning to thick cloud and drizzle. Well it had to happen, BUT why on possibly our most challenging day of the whole trip?? The only ‘good news’ on the weather front is that the clouds should thin during the day, as the winds from the south west pick up…oh goodie! We are currently reviewing the route options to balance distance, height gain and direction, with the reality that anything we don’t do today will have to be added to tomorrows already demanding schedule. Still no WiFi, so no pics our routes – looks like I’ll be spending our rest day on Wednesday ‘back-blogging’.

Time to face the music…….

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One comment on “It’s a dreich day..!

  1. Alex Pattison says:

    Ok, chaps, hope you get through today unscathed. Trevor, a word of warning, if it’s not too late: as you get deeper into Ireland, you will likely be subjected to Bryan’s less-than-convincing impersonation of Sean Kelly. Just humour him, eh!
    Rest day? Rest day?? What’s that about, then?

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