Land’s End…..and Journeys End

With only 20 miles left to do of this epic journey we allowed ourselves the luxury of a late breakfast. It was gone ten before we rolled out of the Countryman Inn car park and headed for the coast road which would take us via St Just all the way to Land’s End. Not to disappoint, the weather was fantastic and the scenery superb – this felt a truly fitting ride to end with. And in keeping with most, if not all previous days, we had some pretty strenuous hill climbing thrown in for good measure. We stopped at St. Just for coffee and toasted tea cakes before setting off on the final down-hill run, through Sennen, to Land’s End. With Land’s End in view Bryan said ‘I’ve spent the last eleven hundred miles with my head up your a – -e  (following me), which is infinitely better than having it stuck up my own’ –  I think I understand what he meant. There were a few tears of relief before the Champagne cork popped, a brief celebration and then the ‘official’ photos and paper work and that was it – job done!

Before I finish todays blog and conclude this epic tale there are a few thanks and acknowledgements we need to make. Firstly  to our families and close friends who have put up with us during the planning, preparation and execution of this task – thank you for your loving support and encouragement. A special thank you to Jane, back at ‘Mission Control’ for doing all the accommodation booking (and un-booking when we changed our minds!) – we’ve stayed in some excellent places, which we could never have found on our own. To the proprietors of those establishments – hotels, hostels, B&B’s and cafes, thank you for making us welcome and aiding our recovery from our long day rides. To Interserve, our corporate sponsor, and particularly to Debs for most of the communications, setting up the giving site and arranging this evenings Celebration Dinner. For all the guys at Devonport and Help for Heroes for allowing us to celebrate our ride in such style. To Jayne Evans and the Active Norfolk team for their help and support. To those individuals who have either turned out on the route or supported us through their regular comments and tweets. And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to our nominated charities – your contribution will make a big difference to the lives of the people they support. If you haven’t made a donation yet, you can do so at:

The last word however must go to Bryan, the conceiver of this epic journey, chief route master and navigator, head mechanic, personal trainer, sports psychologist and travelling companion. It’s been a genuine pleasure to be part of your odyssey and to be your ‘lead out man’ for the 1150 miles!

In case you were all wondering – no great psychological insights, no momentous decisions or life changing moments. Just three weeks on a bike…with my brother. Nothing more to be said.

A full gallery of photos will follow in due course. I’m off to CELEBRATE!

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7 comments on “Land’s End…..and Journeys End

  1. Alex Pattison says:

    …and CELEBRATE you should, just don’t fall asleep face down in the soup tonight. Chapeau to you both, we are looking forward to many tall tales.
    And thank you for taking the time and effort to post the daily blogs and tweets – it has kept us involved, engrossed, entertained and amused (especially the foties).
    Congratulations, gentlemen.
    Alex & Allison

  2. Jo Crumbleholme says:

    Yes you did it! Congratulations from all the Crumbs xxxxx

  3. Daniella Broxton says:

    Well Done and congratulations to you both! What am I going to read over my breakfast now? See you next week Trevor!

  4. siriol hogg says:

    Hi Trevor and Bryan,
    We have really enjoyed your blog and have read it every gruelling day. Congratulations to you both well done ! Siriol and Robert

  5. Maureen Bancroft says:

    Well done boys – you made it sound easy. I too will miss reading the blog daily. Hope the donations keep coming in. What next???? Maureen

  6. Debs says:

    Brave or foolhardy ? A little bit of both is a great mix and has created new heroes. AND you’ve embraced the world of social media ! I am humbled and awed by you both xx

  7. Jon Scott says:

    Incredible effort – the blog was amazing. I suppose the cycling may have been arduous too… Highly inspiring, both – I can feel my own tour coming on…

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