In the path of the Olympic torch

As I write this mornings blog the Olympic torch has just left Land’s End on its ten week, 8000 miles, journey around Britain. I couldn’t think of a more fitting day to finish our own End to End journey. I wouldn’t seek to make any closer comparisons between the effort and abilities of the olympic athletes, who will compete this summer, and our humble endeavour but I think I can safely say, when it comes to physical exertion and endurance – we share their pain!  Anyway, back to the task in hand – finishing what we started, three weeks and over eleven hundred miles ago! Our route this morning takes us along the north coast from St Ives, through St Just and Sennen to the very southern tip of England – a distance of about 30k. As birdwatching friends of mine will know, there are also one or two severe climbs on the way! And of course this is all dependent on Bry’s bike holding out, which is far from certain. With no prospect of effecting a repair we are just going to hope that he doesn’t hit any holes in the road and that his rear wheel holds together. He did say last night though that Plan B  is to knock some poor child off their bike and steal it – I think he was joking!

The route to the finish….

See you there….I hope!

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6 comments on “In the path of the Olympic torch

  1. Alex Pattison says:

    Loving the ploy to keep us in suspense right to the finish line.
    Very best wishes from Alli ‘n’ me.

  2. Delia says:

    Oh but I’m going to miss this daily “fix” of WilliamsBros – you have done amazingly well to keep us all informed throughout and I’m feeling very guilty at having fallen off my DoNation pledge about the crisps once or twice. All other pledges have been kept, though, and are now a part of my routine. love xx

  3. Yvonne T says:

    Trevor and Bryan, the prospect of You unicycling into Lands End is one I hope we will not have to witness! Trevor, if it goes pear shaped, can’t you give Bry a lift on your handlebars…..?See you both later – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you on the last leg.

  4. Debs says:

    No bicycle repair man in Cornwall ! What an incredible journey you’ve had – congratulations. Trevor – you have a way with words !

  5. George says:

    Have a great day. Have a couple of flapjacks on me – George

  6. Helen Dawson says:

    Congratulations to you both. The Williams brothers were indeed to this journey what the Williams sisters are to tennis! Thanks for your entertaining blog and tweets – a fantastic optimistic antidote to much of the rest of the media news.

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