It’s Tuesday, we’re in Puerto Madryn  and the internet is working! This area of Argentina is home to an ancient tribe of Welsh settlers – it’s also the place to come for whales. Southern Right Whales breed here in the austral summer and Killer Whales visit in the autumn to eat the seal cubs! We got our first view of the former species off shore yesterday along with Southern Giant Petrel! Inland, around the Chubut laguna reserve, we saw plenty of Long-tailed Harrier, Buff-breasted Ibis, Brown Pintail and a few other duck and wader species. In the afternoon, a few ‘bush birds’!

On the ‘home front’, we are all well and recovering from our ‘lost night’ between leaving Guapi Assu lodge and arriving in Trelew. Jane is suffering from infected ant bites and ticks – but nothing a sharp knife and Savlon won’t cure (I hope!). Haven’t managed to get any money out of any ATM using any of our various cards, but I’m sure it will happen one day! Just sitting in the lounge of the hotel watching a fantastic sun rise over the Peninsular  Valdes – our location for the next couple of days, and enjoying some ‘quiet time’ before the others come down for breakfast.

Thanks for following us and I hope the belated photos are a welcome relief to my poorly edited text.

Pictures to follow…

Chalk-browed Mockingbird

Chimango Caraca

…and finally, Burrowing Parrots – one of the ‘must sees’ of the entire trip!!

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2 comments on “Wales,Whales..

  1. Debs says:

    The Burrowing Parrots photo is magnificent

  2. Neil Parker says:

    We are really enjoying these blogs – thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with us! Keep them coming and much love to you! xxxx

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