Cuzco – Inca ‘capital’ of Peru

Wednesday 10th October.  Arrived in Cuzco this morning on the ‘red eye’, having left Ushuaia at 10.00 yesterday. Checked into the very excellent Casona les Pleiades and had some coca tea to off-set the effects of the altitude (well that’s what they say – I just think they like it!). Went for a walk before lunch and managed to print off our Machu Picchu tickets at an internet cafe. Returned to the hotel to be met by the most almighty thunder and hail storm! In the afternoon we did touristy things like a tour of the Sun Temple – very impressive and the local market – not quite so! Just had a superb evening meal, mostly ‘veggie’ at Grandja Heidi’s.

Some random photos from around the city:

The inside our our lovely hotel.

Some gold geezer standing in a fountain in the main square, Cuzco

Sue having her picture taken by a police woman …she’s not wanted for questioning, not yet anyway!

An interesting roof..and an interesting pot!

Tomorrow we’re off on the train to Machu Picchu…not taking the lap top, so definitely no blogging until we get back. Thank you folks for your kind comments – do keep them coming!

2 comments on “Cuzco – Inca ‘capital’ of Peru

  1. helendawson41 says:

    Definitely envious. You are having the most amazing time. Some emerging positive developments for Clarent but otherwise you are missing nothing but depressing news here. Including PCC election fever, investigations into sexually predatory behaviour at the BBC, high profile resignations at G4S and political party conference season where ridiculous voter appeasing policy announcements are driving sensible people bonkers. Please continue the blog and magnificent photos, hugely appreciated and very helpful in maintaining sanity and perspective on life.

  2. Anthea Wray says:

    Sunday Oct 14th Mum has just read the latest bulletins and was thrilled with the amazing pictures.
    Booking you for a talk at the Ladies group NOW.!! Anthea xx

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