The (Chilean) Lake District

After a few days ‘chilling on Chiloe’ we headed north up Routa 5, the Pan American Highway, for a rondevue in Pucon with the lads, who were heading south for Joe’s stag do. Pucon is in the Chilean Lake District, where the scenery of lake, forest and volcanos is spectacular. Pucon (probably better pronounced ‘puke – on’ from the boys perspective!) was chosen as the stag venue, not so much for the views though as for the casino and adventure activities. It suited us fine because it is in the heart of nothofagus forest country and home to some pretty special birds. Our comfortable cabana was on the edge of town, we stunning views of Volcano Villarrica, which towers over the town. It’s an active volcano and on a good night you can see it glowing! As one of the many adventure activities available, the boys decided to join a guided climb to the top – rather them than me! We settled for more gentle strolls around the foothills, although we did mange a pretty gruelling ten miler in the Huerquehue National Park on one day. We split the remaining journey to Santiago into two days and stayed over night at Salta de Laja, with it’s impressive waterfalls. We arrived back in Santiago on Thursday afternoon, prior to Friday’s wedding and stayed at the well appointed and located Times Apartments in Los Condes.

Volcano Villarrica, on the approach to Pucon.


The volcano from near to the Ski Centre, where we watched the lads four hour accent through the telescope!


Villarrica from the cabana


Views of the volcano from Huerquehue National Park


Wild ‘monkey puzzle, trees


Laguna Verde, Huerquehue National Park


The falls at Salta de Laja


Supper with the lads during an interlude between adventure activities and the casino


A surprise at the ski lift was a couple of pairs of Yellow-bridled Finch


White-throated Treerunner


For the second time at Salta de Laja we were fortunate to find Spectacled Duck on the river


…and finally, a Californian Quail


and that pretty much brings you up to date!

One comment on “The (Chilean) Lake District

  1. Gillian Hirst says:

    Trevor, hi. Just took my son Sam through your blog. He says: hey that guy takes great bird photos’. You are clearly having a fantastic time.

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