Kaeng Krachan Kaleidoscope

Tuesday afternoon, 11th December. Just arrived back at White Beach having spent a fantastic long weekend with Neil and Eunice, up in the hills of the Kaeng Krachan national park. We stayed at the superb Baan Maka lodge, which is just ten minutes from the park entrance and  has some great birding ‘on the door step’. We spent two full, 12 hour days, in the park itself and another pottering around the outskirts and saw some superb birds, some of which are featured in the photo kaleidoscope below. We’re off to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon for a last night with our friends before getting ready for the evening flight on Thursday.

But first the pics….

Dawn over the lake ‘at the bottom of our garden’ at Baan Maka


We had numerous Babbler species, this was a particular favourite, Collared (a split from White-hooded)


One of the families well represented at Kaeng Krachan is Hornbill – this one is Oriental Pied


The ‘difficult to see’ Green-billed Malkoha


One of a pair of absolutely lovely roosting White-fronted Scops Owl


Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush drinking at a forest pool


Not to be confused with common or garden chicken – Red Jungle Fowl, the real thing!


Grey-faced Buzzard with a freshly captured squirrel


Asian Barred Owlet roosting in the grounds of Baan Maka


Kalij Pheasant – another deep jungle-dwelling species


Another Kaeng Krachan speciality Ratchet-tailed Treepie, the only place in Thailand it occurs


and another member of the family,  Rufous Treepie


A nice male Olive-backed Sunbird


Our only Thai parrot species – Vernal Hanging Parrot. A beauty nonetheless


One of a few Barbets seen – this one, at the entrance to Baan Maka, was Lineated


Just down the road from Baan Maka was an excellent lily pond with a family of Bronze-winged Jacana


Seen crossing the road on our journey back to the lodge – a rather large python!


and a real kaleidoscope of colour – butterflies at a ‘mineral lick’


And to finish with a Great Hornbill – what a monster!


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2 comments on “Kaeng Krachan Kaleidoscope

  1. Martin Coates says:

    More amazing pics Trevor! Haven’t quite got over those wader pics from earlier in the week! Glad to note you have all finally seen a Hornbill that wasn’t admiring its self in a fire engine’s wing mirror! Make the most of it all, typical pre Christmas wind, ice and rain back home..

  2. Debs says:

    I confused the red jungle fowl with a chicken !!

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