Thaing up the loose ends…

Thursday morning, Bangkok. We’re back at Neil and Eunice’s place after a fabulous week birding in central Thailand. I realised that there are a few photos, that didn’t make it into my earlier blogs, which probably ought to see the light of day before I conclude the Thailand stage of our Big World Birding Adventure and draw to a close our three month long birding extravaganza.

Having birded seven countries on three continents and seen well over a thousand species, many of them new to one or all of our party, it’s encouraging to note that we were as enthusiastic and committed yesterday, our last day’s birding, as we were on day one in Brazil. True, from time to time, we’ve let our concentration wander or we’ve finished birding occasionally before it got dark and ‘yes’ our vigilance around systematic recording has left something to be desired but fundamentally we remain as keen on day 82 as we were at the start – possibly more so – you can get hooked on the ‘itinerant birder’ life-style! But tonight we fly home and it’s back to the reality of the UK with a bump. As we prepare to leave Bangkok, with the temperature in the ‘high nineties’, we’re unpacking our winter clothing – last used in Ushuaia – jumping off point for Antarctica, in readiness for sub-zero temperatures back at home.

And now those pictures….

Brahminy Kite, the common raptor over the salt pans


Introducing the ‘birds of the wetlands’ section – a rather colourful fishing boat


Red-wattled Lapwing, regular on the marshes and rice fields inland from the salt pans


White-breasted Waterhen


The ‘default’ heron species of the entire area – problem is it could be either Chinese or Javan Pond Heron – you decide!


The spectacular Painted Stork, with a Great Egret for size comparison


Kingfisher species were reasonably common, with Collared being the most obliging


and introducing the ‘land bird’ section – a cow, with a couple of birds for company – Eastern Cattle Egret, White-vented Myna and, on it’s back, Black Drongo


Now when it comes to Sparrows, this one takes the biscuit – Plain-backed, in a mixed flock with House Sparrow


Another Barbet, this one is Blue-throated


The frequently heard but much less seen, Greater Coucal


The delightful Crimson Sunbird


and the even more delightful, Golden-bellied Leafbird


Now for some monkey business….this one is Dusky Langur


and here is a female White Handed Gibbon, with her rather clingy off-spring


…and still under the ‘primates’ section – Neil and Eunice ( in the middle), our fabulous hosts and bird guides! Thank you so much for a truly wonderful birding experience!


and the last word (or photo in this case) goes to a bird – White-throated Kingfisher, sitting on a water jar at dusk


There’s something about birding in the sun that is very uplifting, infectious, addictive – I’ve no doubt it won’t be long before we’re off on our travels again, to ‘who knows where’ – but doubtless there’ll be a blog!  Until then you’ll have to content yourselves with more modest offerings from home! Thank you for ‘tuning in’ – it makes the world a smaller and friendlier place knowing that someone, somewhere is sharing it with you!

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. T

One comment on “Thaing up the loose ends…

  1. cliff & Di says:

    Wonderful blog Trevor … We have
    loved viewing all the fabulous pictures….amazing birds … What a super trip…. Safe trip home. Looking forward to the next one. See you down under again soon. Cliff & Di

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