Great Knot undone


Great Knot, adult in summer plumage, Titchwell

Having ignored the news of the Great Knot ‘showing well’ at Titchwell for 24 hours, I finally decided, given that the weather was not conducive to ‘dragon hunting’, to have a go. When I got to Titchwell, there was a dense sea fret hanging over the fresh marsh, the last reported location, making viewing near-impossible. Apparently the bird had just flown off towards the beach anyway! As I was on a tight time-table I decide to try my luck on the shore. Thankfully, the adult, summer plumage, Great Knot was in the flock of several hundred ordinary Knot, roosting on the tide-line. I managed brief and distant glimpses, through dripping optics before, eventually, the flock returned to the fresh marsh and I could watch it, albeit at some distance and still in the mist, from Parrinder hide. Altogether though, much better views than the Breydon bird of a couple of years ago.

A couple more shots of this lovely bird – shame about the weather!



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