Day 34 – Three Loons

The default Loon is Common (Great Northern) – seen at a number of inland and coastal location during the past week

Today we’ve driven to the furthest point east in the United States – Quoddy Head lighthouse. As well as being an interesting historical site and a place of wild rugged beauty it also produced some excellent birding. We began the day at Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge where from The Point you can look across the Gulf of Maine to Petit Manan Island – breeding location for Atlantic Puffin. However even with a ‘scope we couldn’t see a single auk-like bird. We did see lots more sea duck though and, just as we were about to pack up, Bob found a Red-throated Loon – a GABRaT ll trip tick! We then headed for Quoddy Head as it started to rain. Two hours later we arrived at our destination and, remarkably, it stopped raining. We ate lunch whist scanning the birds using the Grand Manan Channel, between The States and Canada. More sea-duck, several Common Loon and top bird, albeit briefly, several Razorbill. This is apparently the most reliable place in America for this rare auk. A distant Loon caught our attention as another possible Red-throated – after careful scrutiny it turned out to be a Pacific! Three Loons in one day – remarkable. In the bushes on the Head we found several good warblers and later, on the run-in to our log cabin base at Nash’s Lake, near Calais, we finally caught up with Cedar Waxwing – a trip tick for Andy and Bob & Sue.

Today, at Petit Manan Point we added Red-throated Loon to the trip list – avoiding the prospect of a ‘dot day’
Then at Quoddy Head we managed to find a Pacific Loon – whilst watching for Razorbill. Both species caught in this one photo..
Here’s us at the most easterly point in the USA – Quoddy Head
Record shot of Cedar Waxwing – a trip tick for Andy and Bob & Sue
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