Day 33 – Acadia delivers

Slate-coloured Junco – a surprisingly late addition to the trip list

Described as the ‘crown jewel of the Atlantic coast’ Acadia National Park is nearly 50,000 acres and constitutes approximately half of Mount Desert Island, which lies off the north coast of Maine. The main attractions and birding areas are accessed off of a loop road, which is generally open May – November. A variety of habitats attract a good selection of birds which we spent the day exploring. Our first trip tick came as we crossed the causeway to the island. Several flocks of sea duck were gathered around the off-shore lobster farms, these included all three species of Scoter – Surf being our new bird, Long-tailed Duck, Common Loon & Red-necked Grebe. A mid-morning walk along the trails around the Abbe Museum and native plant gardens produced some excellent birds and another three trip ticks – Dark-eyed Junco, Winter Wren and Brown Creeper. The latter two, looking very similar to our own Wren and Tree-creeper, could have been on a walk around Felbrigg Lake. Highlight of the excursion was however stunning views of Barred Owl – a trip tick for Bob & Sue and Andy. During the afternoon we visited other locations, adding Laughing Gull – a scarce summer visitor to the Maine Coast – to our Maine State list. Harbor Seal, which came on a walk towards the end of the day, was a new mammal addition.

Two woodland additions to the trip list reminded me of a walk around Felbrigg Lake – this is Brown Creeper
And Winter Wren – which is the same species as our own Wren

But the ‘show-stopper’ for us, and a number of walking parties along the trail, was this very obliging Barred Owl

Harbor Seal (Common Seal), a mammal tick for the trip, came on a walk at the end of the day
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