Day 32 – Wilson avoids dot day

Today was the day when we said farewell to Neil and Nicola, who joined us before the Biggest Week in American Birding in Ohio. It’s been great having you guys along. Thanks Nicola for finding some great birds and to Neil for being Phil’s chauffeur and personal valet – safe journey home. Meanwhile we, the remaining five in the party, started our day at the Audubon reserve of Scarborough Marsh, a site which was on our radar for the Global Birding Day but we ran out of time. Within a few minutes of pulling into the carpark overlooking the marsh we’d had several species missed the day before, including Glossy Ibis and several wader sp. Oh well, that’s birding for you. Still it did provide us with our only tick of the day – a Wilson’s Warbler – which have just reached Maine on their journey north. They are a lovely little all-yellow warbler with a black skull-cap, which breed as far north as the timber line in Canada and (sensibly) winter in Mexico. After Scarborough Marsh we drove north-west through rural Maine to our next base at Ellsworth – through an interesting landscape of hay meadows, mixed forests and wild Blueberry clearings. We finished the day at the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary where we saw more migrants and had a closeup and personal experience with the local mosquito population. Today we’re in the Acadia National Park.

A near-perfect shot of Wilson’s Warbler which saved us from a dot day. Only trouble is it’s missing the essential id feature, a black skull-cap. You can’t be lucky all the time!
Glossy Ibis – sadly missed from our Global Birding Day list but caught up with at Scarborough Marsh
Hermit Thrush – another of those miniature New World thrushes
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