Day 35 – Canada to the rescue

Canada Warbler comes to our rescue to prevent a ‘dot day’ – a really stunning addition to my America list

We’re in the far north-east corner of America, close to the border town of Calais – lots of countryside but not many birds. We’ve spent the day, on and off, in the National Wildlife Refuge of Moosehorn (Baring Division). The birding has been challenging, with the weather alternating between cool sunshine and sleety showers. The temperature has stuck at 50 deg F or less, with a brisk north westerly wind. A combination of walking and driving has given us some good views of warblers and flycatchers but little else. We’ve searched long and hard for grouse sp. with no luck – despite the visitor information sheet giving the status as ‘abundant’! It felt very much like today would be a ‘dot day’ – after all we’ve been expecting it now for the past week – but then a splendid male Canada Warbler came to our rescue. It’s difficult with these New World warblers to pick a favourite, but this one must be in my top three. It also brings our GABRaT ll list to 280 (plus the extra Florida ferals) and our warbler count to 30 species – not too shabby.

What we lost in volume and variety we made up for in terms of close views – this male American Redstart showed well in Moosehorn NWR
As did this Chestnut-sided Warblera particular favourite
On our evening tour of Moosehorn NWR this Belted Kingfisher was sat on top of a Beaver lodge
This Yellow-spotted Salamander crossing the road was a a nice surprise! (photo courtesy of Jane)
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One comment on “Day 35 – Canada to the rescue

  1. jacutler says:

    Great bird spotting adventure! The Canada Warbler really saved the day. And bonus points for getting a glimpse of a Yellow-spotted Salamander!

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