Three Card Trick

Having missed, by a matter of minutes, the relatively obliging Grey Phalarope at Salthouse, which first appeared whilst we were away in Scotland, the chance of catching up with one today in Suffolk and completing ‘the set’, was irresistible. Norfolk was cloaked in fog all day but luckily for us the sun was shinning on the Suffolk coast when we arrived at Walberswick. The beach car park was more a waterlogged field when we pulled up but conveniently the Grey Phalarope was busily feeding in a puddle close-by. The photographs speak for themselves:





There are only three Phalarope species on the world list – today’s Grey made up the full set, all seen this year! This was one, if not the cutest bird, seen all year.

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2 comments on “Three Card Trick

  1. Mark Rowley says:


    Congratulations on 300 up and counting. I was in Norfolk last week. Has Cley Marshes been badly affected by the tidal surge?


    • TrevorOnTour says:

      Thanks Mark – good to hear from you. As you will have seen we’ve had a pretty busy year! Cley reserve was totally flattened and it’ll be the spring now before it fully reopens. Christmas greetings to you and the family, lets make sure we meet up in 2014. Trevor

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