Sugarloaf Point


Yesterday, on our return from Crowdy Head – after a few days away with Joe and Gabriella, we called in at Sugarloaf Point to see the lighthouse. Wow, turned out to be one of the most exquisite places I’ve seen in all Australia – just fabulous and couldn’t resist posting some pics.

DSC06398 DSC06395 DSC06394 DSC06390

Joe and Gabriella doing their Titanic thing!


If you want to go there you can stay at one of the old Keeper’s Cottages – but it’ll cost you $4,700 a week in high season!

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One comment on “Sugarloaf Point

  1. Helen Dawson says:

    Wonderful photos, a sight for our poor old sore British eyes that are tired of grey, gloom, wind and rain… but tomorrow has a forecast for sunshine in Norfolk.

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