Weird or what

A month ago, having got back from our birding trip to Lesbos, practically the first birds I saw on my next ‘duty day’ at Cley NWT were Temminck’s Stints – a scarce species in Britain, but one we’d seen well in Greece only days earlier. Today I arrive at Cley, having just returned from Iceland, only to discover that a Red-necked Phalarope was on the reserve – last week we were seeing hundreds! How weird is that? Heaven knows what might turn up when we get back from Goa!

Although rather distant, todays adult female in full summer dress (a plumage we rarely see in Britain) was a real ‘spanker’. This digiscoped grab shot doesn’t do it justice:


However, it does give me an excuse to ‘show-case’ a few more RNP shots from Iceland!

IMG_5324 IMG_4903 IMG_5298 IMG_5374

Aren’t they gorgeous..

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